Worth the Hype?! Anastasia Beverly Hills Sun Dipped Glow Kit


If you’re anything like me (a beauty junkie, that is), you follow a long list of beauty bloggers, vloggers and addicts who, besides giving you major life envy and making you feel generally inadequate, also feed your makeup obsession. I mean think about it, imagine if our news feeds weren’t constantly flooded with the latest beauty product. I’d definitely have far fewer neutral eyeshadow palettes for one.

Anyway I digress but my point rings true, it was social media that made me buy the Anastasia Beverly Hills Sun Dipped Glow Kit. I wanted my cheeks to shine like the light from the sun and I wanted it now. But is it worth the hype? Lemme break it down for you.



Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH) Sun Dipped Glow Kit

How much:



ABH can be tricky to get your hands on in the UK but is available via Beauty Bay, Cult Beauty and the Sephora website to name a few.


The Packaging:

The palette comes in a fairly compact, thin cardboard packaging. Considering the relatively steep price point (not drugstore but not exactly luxury- think Dior and Chanel), the packaging seems to reflect this. It’s not exactly what you’d call beautiful but it’s aesthetically pleasing and does the job. One thing that Anastasia could have added would be a mirror, and a decent sized one at that.


What You Get:

The palette comes with “four velvety powders” that can be layered or used individually to highlight your cheekbones, eyelids, décolletage or anywhere else you fancy. If you collect a few of the ABH palettes, you’re also able to shift and swap the shades thanks to their removable bases.


The Swatches:

Let’s get to the nitty gritty. The swatches shown have only been watched once. Pretty nice right?


The Verdict:

So is it worth the hype and the £39? In a word: absolutely. For starters the palette is excellent value for money; four shades for the price that many brands charge for a measly one!

Each colour is diverse and would suit a variety of different skin tones. Bronzed and Tourmaline would look fabulous on deeper skin where as Summer and Moonstone are both great options for fairer skin.

The shades are buttery, highly pigmented and live up to their velvety claim. They also have the perfect amount of shimmer without verging on the glittery side of life.




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