Why I Decided To Move To London


I once watched comedian, Danny Bhoy, do a stand up show and in it he shared with the audience his utter bewilderment of why Australians make the move to London. Leaving what feels like permanently sunny weather for the dreary, grey drizzle that is London? Why ever would you do that? Well Danny Bhoy, although I can be absolutely sure you’re not reading this, I’m here to tell you (or anyone else who might be curious) why I left the comfort of my life in Perth, Western Australia for the metropolis of London.


1. To get out of my comfort zone

Perth has many things: the weather, the beautiful beaches, stability. I left a lot of people I loved behind me when I decided to pack my bags and make the incredibly large move to London. Comfort and stability is all well and good but does anything truly exciting or exhilarating ever happen when you’re in your comfort zone? In my experience, not really and I’m not looking for a life of boring mediocrity, I want excitement! London with it’s thriving night life, bustling city streets and endless opportunity drew me in like a moth to a flame. I wanted something different; to experience new things, meet new people and go out on my own.


2. To travel, travel some more and perhaps do some travel

Hello, my name is Katie and I’m a travelaholic. The travel bug is real people and once you’ve got it, it’s nearly impossible to shake (and why would you want to shake it?). I have been fortunate enough to have been travelling since I was a child and since I had my first taste for it, I haven’t been able to stop. London is the perfect base for those similar to myself who have an endless affinity for travel. It’s English speaking for one and it’s close proximity to the rest of Europe means that you are only a few hours away from your next destination on your bucket list. In the past month alone I’ve visited Barcelona, Lisbon, Edinburgh and in two weeks I’ll be in Paris! Opportunities to travel like this simply wouldn’t have been possible from the remote city of Perth.


3. To gain more independence

Back in Perth I had just completed my degree and was still living at home with my parents and sister, not paying any rent and experiencing the joys of disposable income whilst working a cushy 4 days a week. As grateful as I am for having the opportunities to study whilst living at home I knew that it was time for me to grow up, move out of home and become a, dare I say it, proper adult (whatever that means). Don’t get me wrong, paying the extortionate London rent and living within an extremely strict and downright depressing budget totally sucks but there’s nothing quite like paying your own way and gaining a sense of autonomy and independence that you wouldn’t experience whilst still living at home.


4. To live the city life

Perthlings have a fantastic quality of life and Perth will always be my home but there’s no doubt about it, it’s not the most exciting place to live, especially in your 20’s. Something is always happening in London; gigs, festivals, markets, museums, you name it, every night of the week if you’re at a loose end you’ll never run out of things to do. I would never say never but I find it hard to imagine myself settling down in London but for a person in their 20’s who wants to experience the bustling city life, London is the perfect place.


5. To follow my gut (and not just to the nearest burger joint) 

Since I was 13 I had always told my parents that I wanted to move to London once I left university and before I had even graduated I had booked my one way ticket. For reasons I couldn’t explain I had always felt the need to move to London and my last year in Perth felt like a torturous waiting game. I felt like I wasn’t where I needed to be and I knew London was it. Don’t get me wrong, moving to London hasn’t been as easy as running through a daisy field, it’s been tough and down right crappy at times but it’s also been exciting, exhilarating and has pushed me further out of my comfort zone than anything I’ve ever done before.


So there you go Danny Bhoy, that’s why this Australian traded the sand and sea of Perth for the concrete jungle of London.

Have you ever moved overseas? Where did you go and why did you do it? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,

Katie x




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