The Santorini Diaries


When talking about travelling with people I’m often asked, ‘where’s your favourite place that you’ve visited?’ I mean, talk about a loaded question (although I, too, am guilty of asking this on more than one occasion). In my last post I managed to curate a list of 10 of my favourite cities (which you can read all about here) and one of the places that definitely stands out as a favourite in my mind is none other than Santorini.

I’d like to think that a good percentage of the happiest and most carefree moments of my life took place in Santorini. The beauty of Santorini is undeniable; with every turn looking like something straight out of a glossy magazine or on the front of a postcard, it’s impossible not to fall in love quickly with the white washed buildings set against the blue sea.


Usually one to ‘rough it’ on holidays, my friend and I decided that we would live a little and treat ourselves to a room with a view in none other than Oia. Many come to Santorini and leave confused as to what all the fuss was about, not knowing that Oia is the place to be and if your wallet permits, place to stay. While expensive, it’s definitely worth splashing out the extra cash and staying in the most iconic part of town to live out your Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants dreams. Unfortunately for me I didn’t encounter any Kostos look-a-likes but what Santorini lacked in eye candy it more than made up for in photo ops, relaxation and of course, sunsets.

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Arguably the number one must see on the Santorini agenda in Oia is the sunset. Grab yourself some drinks and make your way to a viewing point nice and early to catch the sun spread it’s golden light over the majestic town and you won’t be disappointed.


Renting quad bikes is inexpensive and a fun (although slightly terrifying) way of seeing the island of Santorini. By doing this we managed to cover a lot of ground and rewarded ourselves for withstanding the heat with a dip in the ocean.


If you’re looking for a jam packed holiday with plenty of room for activities, Santorini may not be the place for you but if you’re happy to lie around, take in magnificent views and eat your body weight in gyros then you’re in luck. If nothing else, walk around Santorini with your camera in hand as Oia is an instagrammers paradise.




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