My Favourite Lip Combination of the Moment


Although I have a (very) wide range of lipsticks in my collection, I will be the first to admit that I am a creature of habit and lately, I’ve found that I’ve been reaching for the same two products over and over again. And what kind of beauty blogger would I be if I didn’t share them with you all?!

I’m not personally a fan of bold lipstick on me and instead I usually opt for a more natural looking colour palette. Folks, I think I’ve found my FAVOURITE combination ever and I’m here to tell you what those little babies are that have been providing my lips with nourishing peachy, pink goodness.

The first of these being my ultimate holy grail lipstick, you guessed it, MAC’s See Sheer.  natural-lip-colour-combination-4

See Sheer just hits the nail on the head for me. It’s colour is difficult to describe but if I had to give it my best shot, I’d say imagine a venn diagram of coral, dusty rose and peach. See Sheer sits somewhere comfortably in the middle of those colours and it’s Lustre (moisturising) finish makes it a dream to wear.

Once I’m done applying See Sheer I move onto my other favourite, Proudly Naked, a lip crayon by Bourjois. Again, the moisturising formula and easy-to-apply nature of this little baby leaves my lips feeling plump and glossy, but not too glossy.


The colour is a slightly more muted version of See Sheer and because of this, it makes it the perfect partner in crime.


When worn together my lips look peachy, glossy (yet not sticky) and soft. What more could you ask for from a dynamic lip duo?!



M.A.C Lipstick in See Sheer (Lustre formula):  £16.50

Bourjois Colour Boost Glossy Finish Lipstick in Proudly Naked: £7.99


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