How Living Abroad Will Change You

So you did it. You made the big move to a new, foreign city, far away from everything familiar and comfortable. Or perhaps you haven’t done it yet and are flirting with the idea of packing up and saying ‘adios’ to your old life.

To those who have done it: well done, it’s no easy feat and to those who are thinking about doing it I have two words to say to you: do it. Why, you may be asking? Well, I’ve done it and even though it hasn’t been an easy ride (to say the least!) it has been hands down the best decision I’ve ever made, bar none. Living abroad (or interstate, or wherever you choose to re-locate!) will change you for the better. Here’s 3 ways that moving to London has changed me for the better:

1. You will become more resilient

If I had a penny for every time something didn’t go quite right for me here in London I’d be quitting my job and retiring at the ripe old age of 25. Unfortunately, that’s not how the world works and instead of becoming more wealthy every time something went wrong, I instead became a little more cynical (I’m aware of how dramatic this sounds). On the other hand, however, I’ve become much more resilient. Let me break this down for you; since I moved to London 18 months ago I’ve had 4 houses (soon to be 5 as I’m in a sublet), 4 different jobs and a handful of dating disasters. For whatever reason, some things worked and others didn’t but after every knock I’ve managed to (after a good cry) dust myself off and soldier on. Life back in Perth was cushy and easy and I can say with all certainty that if I can survive a solo move to London, I can survive anything!

2. Your independence will skyrocket

As I mentioned before, when I lived back in my hometown of Perth I had a pretty great set up. I had only just graduated from uni and was still living at home. Although I’ve always considered myself a fairly independent person, there was no choice but to be completely independent in London. It was just me, myself and I in a city of nearly 9 million people and I had to do it alone; find houses, jobs, friends, you name it. Although I still miss mum’s cooking, there’s no other feeling like knowing you’ve done it all by yourself despite all the fails along the way.

3. Talking to anyone won’t be a problem

Undoubtedly one of the greatest things about moving abroad is all the people you’ll meet but there’s only one way of doing that; putting yourself right out there. Even for the most confident of people, this can be a challenge but as the old saying goes: practise makes perfect. After moving abroad I’ve found that my communication skills have significantly improved. Always a chatty person I admittedly never had too much trouble with this but now I find I can talk to most people fairly easily and find it much easier to initiate conversations. What a handy set of skills to have!

How has living abroad changed you? Let me know in the comments below!

Katie x


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