Is NARS Soft Matte Concealer WORTH THE HYPE?

Most if not all beauty junkies would have heard about the new Soft Matte Concealer from NARS. After hearing rave reviews and being in the market for a new concealer, I thought, ‘hell! Let’s give this expensive one a go.’ And so I did my friends, and so I did.

Today I’m going to be breaking it down for you. Is this concealer worth forking out the cash for or is it totally overrated?

The Money:



I bought mine from Space NK but NARS is available in most department stores and online.

The Packaging:

In my humble opinion, NARS has always nailed it’s packaging. It’s sleek matte black theme lives on and, interestingly, this concealer comes in pot form. Now this is not exactly a totally innovative idea as it has been done before by many brands but it’s not completely common either. Normally a fan of concealer to come in a tube with a doe foot applicator (like NARS’s Radient Creamy Concealer), this packing surprisingly works well for me. What can I say? I’m a fan of little pots (they’re cute).

The Swatch:

One swipe of this little baby provides you with buttery, creamy, matte, full coverage goodness. All the beauty buzzwords in one sentence.

The Verdict:

In two words: me likey. The product is exactly what it says it is: soft, matte and conceals dark circles and blemishes well. What more could a girl want? Not usually being a huge fan of concealer anyway (I often find even the most hyped concealers cake under my eyes even after setting them with powder), I have to admit that I really, really enjoy using this one. After setting my under eyes with powder there is minimal creasing throughout the day; a huge beauty feat for me. So is it worth the hype? Absa-bloody-lutely.




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