Dinner With Inthefrow!

When you take the dress code so seriously that even your eyeballs are red.

If you follow me on my Instagram (@therunawaydiaries, shameless plug), you would know that I recently met my all time favourite blogger, Victoria from Inthefrow.

Having followed Victoria for years, I had always dreamed of meeting her. Out of anyone I follow, she’s the blogger I aspire to be like; she’s hardworking, conscientious, has impeccable style and of course lives an insane lifestyle filled with travel and celebrity studded events. Some bloggers appear to have just ‘fallen into’ their career, and perhaps some of them just struck it lucky, but Victoria has always been very open and honest about how much perspiration and how many sleepless nights went into her becoming the successful blogger she is today.

Anyway, back to the dinner. You may be wondering how I managed to score myself a seat next to Victoria at a 3 course dinner in a swanky hotel? Well, my friends, I entered a competition and lo and behold, I won! Myself and 9 other lovely ladies were invited to dress in red and dine with Victoria in honour of her ambassadorship with the British Heart Foundation.

For all those Inthefrow fans that are wondering if Victoria was just as lovely as she is on her Youtube and her blog, I’m here to tell you that she was even better than I anticipated. I can imagine that the blogger world is saturated with people that are a little too big for their boots (I mean, when you’re being paid to travel the glove, being sent free products from your favourite brands and are constantly invited to attend red carpet events, it would be kind of hard to stay level headed!) but Victoria was the same sweet, bubbly, friendly and gracious young woman that I had felt like I’d known since I started following her journey two years ago.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have the chance to meet one of my biggest inspirations, never mind share a meal and a glass, okay multiple glasses, of (very delicious) prosecco with her.

I left the dinner feeling so grateful and inspired to have had this once in a lifetime opportunity. With a new surge of motivation, the kind of motivation I was needing, I feel ready to take the rest of the year on and work as hard as I can to make The Runaway Diaries the best it can possibly be. I hope you’re ready to come on the journey with me!

Victoria, on the very off chance that you’re reading this I would like to say thank you for being a constant source of inspiration for me. I love to see young woman absolutely killing it in their field and no one is more deserving of all their success than you!

Until next time,

Katie x


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