Battle of the Luxury Blushes


Most, if not all, beauty fanatics out there like myself would agree that blush is the perfect way to add a healthy dose of colour to the cheeks and finish any makeup look.

As much as I love high end makeup, there’s nothing worse than spending your hard earned money on products that aren’t worth the price tag so today I’ve decided to pit three high esteemed makeup brands against each other to see which one will come out trumps. First up… the iconic NARS.


NARS is a brand synonymous with fantastic quality and every time I see a NARS stand, I’m constantly drawn to their blushes. The timeless monochromatic packaging is stylish and chic however due to it’s matte finish it tends to get dirty quite easily but I think we can let that one go. What matters most is the product inside the packaging and NARS blushes rarely disappoint!

The biggest seller of all the NARS blushes is Orgasm, yes it’s really called Orgasm, and for good reason. This perfect rose pink shade with gold shimmer gives your cheeks a perfect glowing flush of colour. Out of all the blushes reviewed today, this one is my absolute favourite. It suits virtually all skin tones and isn’t too pigmented to wear during the day but noticeable enough to wear during the evening. Perfection!


Deep Throat (yep, seriously) is another absolutely stunning shade. It looks super similar to Orgasm being a pretty rose pink however it doesn’t include the gold shimmer that makes Orgasm so iconic. You can’t go wrong having this staple in your makeup collection.


Taos, pictured below, is the more pigmented of the three blushes so use sparingly to avoid like you’ve lost a fight with a packet of Churritos! This peachy, pinky, tangerine tone is the perfect colour to match with a similar coloured lipstick and will be best suited to medium to dark skin tones.


But just because I’ve loved these NARS blushes doesn’t mean they’re all winners…

Now let’s talk about the NARS Dual Intensity Blush in Adoration, pictured below. Although this is by no means the worst blush I’ve ever tried, it’s definitely not up there with the best. The colours aren’t as pigmented on the cheeks as they look when swatched. It just simply doesn’t have that X factor that you expect when you spend lots of your cold, hard cash!



Ah, beautiful Bobbi Brown. Although it’s an expensive brand, you can always depend on it to provide the goods. I had my eyes on the Shimmer Bricks for a long time for obvious reasons and I’m glad to say I didn’t regret my decision when I finally decided to bite the bullet.


Copper Diamond, above, and Nectar, pictured below, are the shades I decided to go with. Yes Copper Diamond is more of a bronze highlight than a blush but from time to time I’ve used it on my cheeks and have achieved a beautiful healthy bronze as a result. Similar to NAR’s Orgasm, Nectar gives a pinky golden glow to the skin. Two thumbs up!



Hourglass is one of my all time favourite makeup brands due to their stunning packaging, faultless quality and buttery pigmentation. Just take a look at these blushes for instance; the gorgeous colours in the blush pigments are marbled with a luminous powder highlight to achieve a natural glow.


Perhaps my favourite in my collection is the Ambient Lighting Blush Palette. Although it was limited edition, have no fear as all the colours in the palette are available in stores in singular form. The shades are all of a natural variety, which I suppose what you want from a blush however if I had to make any criticism it would be that the shades are all quite similar and it would have been nice to see some more shade diversity.


I’ve currently been wearing Dim Infusion, below, to death. It’s natural peachy shade gives me the perfect amount of healthy colour to my face without making me appear too orange, which is obviously not the desired look I’ve been going for.


If you have medium to dark skin I would avoid buying this shade as it’s highly likely it won’t show up on your skin. On pale skin however, it works a treat!

Luminous Bronze, pictured below, is technically a bronzer however I use it more as a blush! I actually quite dislike this as a bronzer as it’s too orange on my skin but it works wonderfully on my cheeks and gives me a golden, peachy glow.


A word to the wise: use the colour sparingly as a little goes a long way!

 And The Winner Is…

So which of my high end favourites came out on top? Personally, I can’t go past the NARS blush collection and considering it includes my all time favourite ‘Orgasm’, I feel that it would only be right to crown them the winner.


What is your all time favourite blush? Let me know in the comments below!



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