5 of the Most Beautiful European Destinations

Europe is a continent of many things: food, culture, history and of course, incredible beauty. If you have been following me on Instagram (@therunawaydiaries if you’re curious, go on, give me a follow!), you would know that I’ve spent the past week in the German alps. Can I just say, Sweet Baby Jesus, this place is drop dead gorgeous¬†but more on that later. It got me thinking about the most beautiful European destinations I’ve had the pleasure of visiting, (and trust me, there’s plenty more that I’d like to add to my list) and I thought I’d curate a list of my favourites. So here we are. Starting off with the unbelievably gorgeous…

Schliersee, Bavaria

Located just over an hours drive from Munich, Schliersee is truly a sight to behold. Think traditional Bavarian houses tucked neatly in between lush German alps surrounded by a scenic lakes and you have Schliersee. I’ll be honest with you; I’ve been to Germany a handful of times and have visited Hamburg, Munich and Berlin and although I loved Berlin (I’m not huge on Munich or Hamburg), I was completely ignorant to how beautiful Germany could be. If you love hiking, picturesque walks and taking in nature at a slow pace, Schliersee is the place for you.

Oia, Santorini

I’ve spoken about Oia on a number of occasions on The Runaway Diaries because, let’s face it, I’m bloody obsessed. I mean, just look at it! Blue skies, white wash clifftop buildings, cocktails and sunsets for days. What’s not to love. This is honeymoon territory, that’s how perfect it is.

If you want my full run-down of the island click here or if you want to read about what my favourite, and not-so-favourite, Greek Islands are click here.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, glorious Prague. Here’s a fun fact for you: Prague was one of Hitler’s favourite cities and as he intended it to be the arts and cultural capital of Nazi Europe, he ordered for it to remain in tact. In fact, it’s one of the only cities in Europe with all of it’s original buildings to remain in one piece. So even if someone as heartless as Hitler can see the beauty in Prague, you know it’s got to be something truly special, amIright?

Although there’s not a huge amount to see and do in Prague, it’s a beautiful, romantic city that is best enjoyed at a slow pace, strolling around and taking in the stunning streets and views.

Stockholm, Sweden

Image credit: https://en.aegeanair.com/discover/destinations/stockholm/

What would a beautiful European destinations list be without a Scandinavian country making the cut?

Although not kind to your wallet, Stockholm wins your heart in so many other ways. Clean, orderly streets straight out of your favourite fairytale filled with tall, devastatingly good looking people. I mean, do you need any more reasons to visit?

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Whenever I tell someone that Amsterdam is one of my favourite European cities that usually smirk at me, because let’s face it, Amsterdam is usually synonymous with one thing and it rhymes with ‘seed’ (it’s weed). The coffee shops are the tip of the iceberg of this incredible city as Amsterdam has way more to offer it’s visitors than a puff of spliff or a walk through the infamous red light district.

The canals of Amsterdam are lined with adorably charming houses, interesting museums and quirky bars and cafe’s (NOT to be confused with coffee shops) that make strolling around this city at a leisurely pace an absolute dream.

What are the most beautiful European cities you’ve ever visited? Let me know in the comments below!

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