Get UNready With Me!

Now I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes I neglect to remove my makeup after a night out as I’m “too tired”, if you catch my drift. The next morning I’m always so annoyed at myself and end up suffering the consequences of looking like a stripper after a rough night working the pole. However when I do remove my makeup (effectively) these are the products I love to use the most:

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Johnson’s Baby Wipes – $4.99

Johnsons wipes

Your face will feel as smooth as a baby’s bottom!

Yep you read correctly. I refuse to buy regular makeup removal face wipes as they are ridiculously overpriced and literally do the same thing as baby wipes. I love the Johnson’s Baby Wipes and at $4.99 for 100, they’re a steal! I give my face a quick wipe down to remove the makeup sitting on top of my skin and I avoid the eyes as I don’t like to pull on my skin around that area. You’ve got to think about those wrinkles!

Simple Kind to Skin Micellar Makeup Remover – $9.99


Let me just quietly say, I can’t tell the difference between this Simple Micellar Water and the Bioderma Makeup Remover. At $9.99 compared to the $39.99 price point of the Bioderma Micellar Water, this is a no brainer! I take some of the makeup remover on a cotton pad and leave it on my eyes for around 30 seconds. When I take it away, voila! 90% of my eye makeup is gone. No pulling, no rough dragging, easy!

The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil – $26

Okay, NOW your face will feel like a baby's bottom!

Okay, NOW your face will feel like a baby’s bottom!

Oh sweet baby Jesus I have died and gone to heaven. This stuff is AMAZING. It smells great, it feels great and it does a fantastic job of removing my makeup after a long day. The whole removal process is thoroughly enjoyable too. Massaging the oil into my skin is something that I actually look forward to at the end of my day, is that sad? All signs point to yes. It also works wonders on my combination skin which may surprise you. Why would you use an oil base product on oily prone skin you may ask? Because giving combination skin more oil decreases your skin’s natural oil production. Skin care; it’s a fine science.

Luca’s Papaw Ointment – $11.99

I love you Lucas

I love you Lucas

Chapped lips? Papaw. Dry hands? Papaw. Rash? Papaw. Boyfriend issues? Papaw. Ok maybe not the last one but there isn’t much that this little tub of goodness doesn’t do. I like to pop a little bit of this on my lips when all my makeup is off and it leaves me with moisturised lips by the time I wake up.

What are your makeup removal essentials? Comment below!

Katie x


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